Keeping Your Garage Door In Working Order

Keeping Your Garage Door In Working Order

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The biggest threat to the health of automatic entrances in homes is not accidents, faulty parts or theft. The biggest cause for system breakdowns is general wear and tear. Time is the biggest killer and nothing, not even stalwart garages can escape its effects. Although this may take a long time to happen, especially with good quality setups, there is no doubt that at some point, your hard working opener is going to give in. With careful and regular maintenance and the right usage of your garage, you can still ensure that your entrance does not give up before its due time.Keeping Your Garage Door In Working Order

A few tips on taking care of your opener

Let’s start with the doors themselves. Garage doors of all materials will take strain from the atmosphere around them. This is especially true if you live in a humid or damp climate where wood, steel and iron are most subject to rust, rot and galvanic corrosion. Keep your doors coated with varnish or paint to make sure that they are not exposed to the weather, and be careful of what mixture of materials you put together on the door, some combinations speed up the process of galvanic corrosion by quite a lot.

Your door’s torsion springs take a staggering amount of pressure both when they are in operation, and when they are not. They are also very likely to rust if they are not properly looked after. While they are cheap to replace, they are essential for the operation of your system, and really, you don’t want them giving up on you.

The garage motor is the industrious heart of your system, and is made up of so many smaller parts that can be broken from stress or lack of lubrication. But with regular servicing the motor should just about never give in as it is kept well oiled, and the parts within it are maintained in operable order.

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