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Can I fit a garage door in a garage with no headroom?

Yes, you can have a garage door fitted even if there is less headroom space. However, never try to install a garage door on your own. You may need to choose a door designed to fit garages with minimal headroom.

What is a garage door opener?

A garage door opener automatically opens and closes the garage door with the use of a remote control or a wall switch. These remotes and switches are programmed to work with the opener so that the door can be operated automatically without having to manually lift the door or get off the vehicle, which provides convenience.

What is R-value in garage doors?

R-Value is the insulation rating of a garage door. This determines how energy efficient it is. A higher rating means that it is more energy efficient. One that has an R-32 rating has 97 percent heat flow reduction, thus saving more on energy.

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